Friday, February 12, 2010

A Visit to the King

Date: Friday, February 12, 2010
Travel: Rental Car
Lodging: Hampton Inn Southaven
Photos: 20100212 Elvis' Graceland

After full week at a client in Memphis, I made some time before my flight home to visit the king, Elvis, in Graceland. The area surrounding the site seems to be a bit shabby and old. The site itself was a definite tourist trap, with overpriced souvenir shops, glitz, and long lines. It was really cold outside with snow on the ground, yet there was still a pretty long line to get on the shuttle. I never really grew up as a fan of Elvis, so I suppose it was difficult for me to actually understand or appreciate the place. Maybe it was the admission ($35!!!!!) and parking price ($10!!!) I could not understand. I think it is definitely a generational thing, because 90% of the visitors seem to be seniors. Then again, many folks my age should have been at work. Nevertheless, it was still something to see. You get to see the lavish lifestyle that Elvis lived, at least it was lavish during his time, and you can see all the achievements that he had. I think my favorite room was the game room with the pool table, where the whole room was decorated and draped in fabric. Along with a tour of the mansion, you can tour his personal jets, and his automobile collection. After all of that, my favorite part of the day was to enjoy some Memphis BBQ. I went to a place featured on Food Network, Corky's BBQ. They are most noted for their dry rub seasoning on their ribs. I had the full rack with half wet, half dry, and it was all tasty, and all devoured. My server was surprised that I could finish all of that and my sides, but I can surely build a big appetite.