Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Final Day in Bali

Date: Tuesday August 4
Travel: Taxi;
Lodging: Conrad Bali
Photos: 20090804 Bali Kechak Jimbaran

As the final day of the Bali trip was ending, we had to make an effort at least to see the sunrise from Nusa Dua. I don't know why we thought this would be a good idea, since we never really woke up early. It was worth the wake up though, as we had our own cabana, and got to enjoy a breakfast at during sunrise. The staff did tell us that it had rained earlier, so the sunrise would not be so spectacular, but it's not many times I get to see the sunrise, so to me it is as good as any.
Having a late flight, we didn't want to just waste our day around the hotel. We went back to Uluwatu, and got to see the Kecak dance, a traditional dance in Bali. The performance occurs around sunset, to create a dramatic experience. After the performance, we stopped by Jimbaran for dinner by the sea. There are more then a couple dozen restaurants, with tables on the sandy beach, where you can stroll out a bit to get your feet wet. Lucky for us, we also came in time for some free performance. One of the things you will notice is that there are also a lot of Japanese tourist, as well as Australians. Some of the entertainers can fluently speak 3 languages, Indonesian, English and Japanese. This is probably why this island is comparable to Hawaii, from the surfs of North Shore and Uluwatu, to the friendly smiles of the locals. Although it cost more to fly to Bali, then Hawaii, there is a lot of value here if you take advantage of it.

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