Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bali: From Kintamani to Uluwatu

Date: Thursday July 30, 2009
Travel: Rental Van
Party: Vu, Linda, Dan, Kim
Lodging: Pertiwi Resort
: 20090730UbudKintamaniUluwatu
On our 2nd day, we hired a van and driver to take us around. Staying in Ubud, we visit a couple of temples, namely the Goa Gajah and Gunung Kawi. We get to trek some of the rice fields and get a nice peek of some of the rice terraces. The girls bought some sarongs, since at each of the holy sites, you were supposed to cover yourself in one. The site would give you one, but it made a nice souvenir anyway. One thing you will notice around here are the balinese hindu offerings, especially in front of any businesses. We visited the holy baths of Tirtha Empul, but notbody really wanted to take a dip in the water. We then drove up to Kintamani, where we enjoy a late buffet lunch overlooking the lake and Mt. Batur. The air was refreshing and the views were spectacular. Making our way back down, we make a brief visit at a larger rice terrace, one of the many rice terraces in the area. This was just one of the more intricate ones.

As it was approaching sunset, our driver tried to rush us to our destination before it was too late, which is at the southern tip of the island, at Uluwatu. It was nice that Linda was able to communicate with the driver, so that we really had no worries at all. We made it on time, and was able to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Although while admiring one, one of the monkeys took Linda's sunglasses right from her head. The little critter made it pretty far, but a little child ran the monkey down, and recovered the shades. Too bad those LV frames had bite marks all over onse side, but at least it was saved. While I was standing and taking a picture, one of the monkeys almost grabbed my glasses, but Linda caught it in time. I made sure I told the monkey who's boss (see video). Although we made the sunset, we were not able to catch the kechak dance this night. Kim and Dan had already seen one a few days before, but I had not seen it yet. Another day...

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