Monday, July 13, 2009

Tokyo & Gundam

Date: Monday, July 13
: Flight: Tokyo; Narita Express Train; Subways; Yurikamome
: Conrad Tokyo
: 20090713Tokyo02
After arriving late into Tokyo, I was happy to be greeted by such a nice hotel. The city view was pretty nice, and the bathroom was great, something I want to model the shower one day. It was still pretty early in the night though, so I decided that I had to go visit the newly erected Gundam statue. I really did not know where it was, but all I knew was that it was in Odaiba, the large artificial island. Taking the (the robotic elevated monorail like car) I got off at the Daiba station. There was a lot of youth around and some even started asking me where the Gundam was. Do I look like someone who knows where the Gundam is? Anyways,
I started walking down the road, and with the number of nerdy looking folks around, I figured I must be on the way to Gundam.
Sure enough I found it, but it was too late that the lights have already been shut off. Nevertheless, it gives me a chance to test the night shooting with the new camera. It didn't turn out too bad.

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