Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Night in Hong Kong

Date: Thursday July 23, 2009
Travel: Taxi; MagLev Train; Plane: Shanghai to Hong Kong; Subway; Trolley
Lodging: Cosmic Guest House
Photos: 20090723HongKong
This morning, I ended up sacrificing a chance to shop in the market early morning for some sleep. I would be flying out of Shanghai's International airport, meaning that I get an oppurtunity to ride the fastest train in the world, which is magnetically levitated, followed by some rest in the airport the lounge.

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Landing into Hong Kong's airport, the view outside the window was amazing, with all the modern skyscrapers on small mountainous islands. I arrive in Hong Kong by noon, where I would be staying at another hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST). Located at Miradoor Mansion, which is really a big, old apartment building. The room was clean, but very very small. If I couldn't put my bag underneath the bed, then there would be no floorspace to get to the bathroom. The entire room must have been like 40 square feet, including the bathroom, since the long side of the twin bed went from wall to wall. It was clean though, and had a TV and AC.
I went up to the top of Victoria Peak, where there is a grand panorama of Hong Kong and TST. There is a light show every 8pm in Hong Kong, which I thought I would be able to enjoy from Victoria Peak, but I was wrong. Anyways, I cross the waters on the ferry back to the TST side and walked along the promenade, into the avenue of stars. In the TST area, there was plenty of nightlife and enough people that speak English to get around, and BS with.

I ended the trip just exploring much of the city the next day, making sure that I eat some dim sum while I was there. I remember asking one of Kim's friends in China, who spends a lot of time in Hong Kong, about Dim Sum, and she says that she never tried it in Hong Kong, kind of stating that her extended family was rich, and doesn't do Dim Sum. Well I guess I am poor, and I want some Dim Sum.
I didn't get a chance to visit DisneyLand park like I had in Tokyo, but I did get to see a Mickey exhibit in town. I also got to shop a bit and get some of my bargaining fix in, as I missed out in Shanghai. Taking the subway the next day all over the place, as I walked out, I kind of said to myself, "wow, I feel like I'm in a big china town." Well what did I expect...I was in China.

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